Ever dreamed of sleeping in an Art Museum?

A boutique art hotel in Kyoto featuring 31 unique art rooms you can sleep in, a 10-story vertical art gallery showcasing the best of Japanese contemporary art, and a bar where the locals hang out, enjoying weekly art and music events. You can bet your visit to BnA Alter Museum will be an unforgettable travel experience.See Art Rooms

31の泊まれるアート作品、高さ30メートルの縦型ギャラリー、世界に広がるコミュニティーと心地よい音楽。そこは美術館でもホテルでもない実験と発信の場、宿泊型ミュージアム、BnA Alter MuseumSee Art Rooms


Current Exhibition

The Technique of Optimism


2020.06.27 - 2021.01.24

Masanao Hirayama, yang02, Hana Sawada, Shoma Kimura, Pehu

平山昌尚, やんツー, 澤田華, 木村翔馬, ペフ

The Technique of Optimism is going to be held on June,
@SCG (Stair Case Gallery).
SCG is inside of the building of BnA Alter Museum, where you enjoy art and stay as a hotel.
[artwork: Masanao Hirayama]

泊まれるアート宿泊施設 BnA Alter Museumでは、階段型ギャラリーSCGにて2020年 6月27日(土)より、特別企画展『楽観のテクニック』を開催いたします。 [artwork: Masanao Hirayama]


Through SCG, a towering 10 story, 30-meter vertical Staircase Gallery, we aim to provoke, engage and challenge visitors with an alternative art experience through dynamic art fueling inspiration, imagination and action.

京都にそびえたつ10階建て30メートルの縦型ギャラリー、Stair Case Gallery。


Only Holy Stories

Only Holy Stories

2020.11.21.sat - 12.27.sun

Folk Craft Movement of Collage in Kyoto

コラージュ民芸運動 in 京都

2020.10.17 - 2020.11.08

Exhibition Catalog Producing Workshop



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