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Our first hotel out of Tokyo, BnA Alter Museum, will have that same rebellious spirit, community focused attitude, utter devotion to art and parties that has become synonymous with anything BnA baptized.

This time we've gone big! 31 permanent art exhibitions you can sleep in, created by 15 Japanese artists under the direction of 9 art directors. Then there is the monumental 10 story/30-meter vertical art gallery - SCG, exhibiting some of the best contemporary art Japan has to offer, comes with an equally impressive Museum Shop and Cafe/Lounge. And last, but most certainly not least, the heart of the hotel, a place designed with serendipity in mind, our bar, untitled.

Not one BnA Hotel is the same however there is one thing universal across them all, the BnA Revenue Share System. A percentage of each room booking is direct income for the artist who has created the permanent exhibition. You, by just sleeping in a room, become a patron of the arts. This system creates continual income and exposure for artists working with us and patrons have a one-of-a-kind art/travel experience.

BnA works closely with local creative communities to build hubs for innovation, networking, learning, creating and exploring, open to anyone wanting to join this odyssey.



ビルの前面にそびえたつ高さ30メートルのギャラリー、世界中から Art Lover が集まるバー。

BnA Alter Museumへ、ようこそ。


BnA Hotels

BnA is a creative x social collective exploring the relationship between art and community to develop a global network of artists, creators, social agents and free thinkers striving for a better future.

Projects like BnA HOTEL connect art loving travelers to undiscovered art talent, scenes and communities. BnA HOTEL Koenji, the OG opened 2016, is a small two art room hotel, with a dive bar to give any dive bar a run, in the heart of Tokyo’s underground art scene. BnA HOTEL Koenji has become a hub for international and local creatives to meet and network. Our second hotel, BnA STUDIO Akihabara, gives way to both artists and travelers exploring ideas of future urban living, design and functionality. Also, one room is said to be nightmare inducing.

As mentioned before, all BnA hotels implement the BnA Revenue Share System. A percentage of each room booking is direct income for the artist who has an art room. This system creates continual income and exposure for artists working with BnA and gives patrons, that's you, a one-of-a-kind art/travel experience.

Though we have an exorbitant amount of fun here at BnA, we are extremely serious about the kind of impact we leave on our global society.


BnA HOTELはアートホテルというプラットフォームを活用し、アートに関心の高い旅行者と、各地のアートシーンをつなげる実験的な取り組み。旅行者を通してアートを世界に発信するだけでなく、宿泊費の一部が部屋を制作したアーティストに継続的に還元される仕組みを世界で初めて採用、旅行者、ホテルビジネス、そしてアーティストのコミュニティーが Win-Winの関係を築く。


BnA Projects

We are involved in various art and design projects including art/space/event curation, artist/buyer liaison, art project production and space design. We revel in crazy, weird and so called impossible projects, so, if you have such a project for us get in touch!
MURAL CITY PROJECT - Turning Neighbourhoods into Street Art Galleries Started in October 2016, MURAL CITY PROJECT is a street art initiative promoting both up and coming Japanese artists and local creative neighborhoods by creating murals that transform and inspire the surrounding landscape.

Although a progressive city, Tokyo and Japan in general, are lacking when it comes to public street art. With the support of the local government, private building owners and local community, Koenji has become the first city in Tokyo to participate in BnA’s Mural City Project (MCP).

KMCP has gained much national and international attention, producing 6 murals in Tokyo with more in the pipeline. We are ready to take MCP out of Tokyo and into the rest of the world.

MURAL CITY PROJECT - 高円寺を壁画の町に 日本のアートの発信を目的としたストリートアートプロジェクト、「Mural City Project (MCP)」を2016年にスタート。
街のカルチャーを発信する方法としてストリートアートが一定の市民権を得ている欧米と比べ、東京にはミューラル(壁画)がほぼ存在しない。MCPは高円寺を日本で初めての壁画の街「Mural City」にすると同時に、街住む人々と対話しながら壁画を完成させるプロセス通して街とパブリックアートの関係性を模索するプロジェクト。2019年までに高円寺に6枚の壁画をプロデュースした。

Our Commitment To Environment Sustainability


As a social venture, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting environmental sustainability.
We use eco-friendly/natural cleaning products while minimizing disposable amenities, where possible we use refillable packaging and organic skin/hair care. No disposable water bottles in our fridges, we provide filtered water instead.
Listen if a 16-year-old girl with pigtails has the strength to take on this huge environmental disaster we are in, then who are we if we don't take responsibility?


Columbia Works x BnA

This project is a collaboration between BnA Co., Ltd and Columbia Works Ltd.

Columbia Works:
Property developers who focus on property projects that empower their local communities.