Spectacle Show from Folk Craft Movement of Collage



Hitoshi Odajima, Tomoyuki Natsume, Atsushi Horibe, Akinobu Oda, Shinsuke Osanai

小田島等, 夏目知幸, 堀部篤史, 小田晶房, 小山内信介

Spectacle Show from Folk Craft Movement of Collage

Date: 2020.10.17.sat 14:00-18:00
Entrance: 2,000 yen(inc.1D) *Reservation required

Collage&Talk: Hitoshi Odajima+Tomoyuki Natsume with Atsushi Horibe(Seiko-sha)

Risograph: Akinobu Oda(hand saw press Kyoto)

DJ: Shinsuke Osanai
(Second Royal)

[About event reservation]
Please apply by email to scg@bnaaltermuseum.com.
Please specify "Collage Folk Art Movement" in the title and your name and phone number in the text.
[Seat reservation capacity 25 people / There is a possibility of standing, but you can also participate on the day. ]

[Exhibition]Folk Craft Movement of Collage in Kyoto

日時:10/17(土) 14:00-18:00

コラージュ&トーク:小田島等+夏目知幸 with 堀部篤史(誠光社)

リソグラフ:小田晶房(hand saw press Kyoto)
DJ:小山内信介(Second Royal)

scg@bnaaltermuseum.com までメールにてお申し込みください。
[席予約 定員25名/立ち見となる可能性ありますが当日ご参加も可能です。]

[展覧会]コラージュ民芸運動 in 京都



Tomorrow was another day


Ato1snow, Tetsuya Shimoda, The TOMODACHI ! , Tomomi Mizukoshi, WAN_TAN

霜田哲也, 水越智三, Ato1snow, The TOMODACHI ! , WAN_TAN

2022.12.3 - 12.25

2022.12.3 - 12.25

MALOU Diligence and Contracting

MALOU 精読と契約

YOSHIDAYAMAR(FL田SH/FLOATING ALPS LLC), Kazutaka Tsutsui (BnA Alter Museum)

吉田山 (FL田SH/FLOATING ALPS LLC), 筒井一隆 (BnA Alter Museum)

2022.12.14 wed

2022.12.14 wed

documenta 15 report


Keisuke Nakaya(Kyoto Art Center), Kazutaka Tsutsui(BnA Alter Museum)

中谷圭佑(京都芸術センター), 筒井一隆(BnA Alter Museum)

2022.12.18 sun

2022.12.18 sun