[Past] Impersonal Things

[Past] Impersonal Things

2019.08.03 - 2019.08.25 [Last day -16:00]


平松 市聖

Starting August 3 (Sat.), the BnA Alter Museum will be holding photographer Ichisei Hiramatsu’s first solo exhibition. In today’s world of social media-based communication and overabundant information, we regularly encounter instances where people and objects are treated without distinction as “impersonal things” (things that are handled administratively and perceived as being inhuman, anonymous, or depersonalized). Hiramatsu metaphorically captures this phenomenon in his photographs that are devoid of contextual and temporal references. By presenting these images at larger-than-life sizes that exceed the format limitations of social media platforms, this exhibition aims to bring viewers to reflect upon the non-impersonal nature of their own being.

8月3日(土)より、BnA Alter Museumにて写真家 平松市聖の初個展を開催いたします。

SNS上でコミュニケーションや情報過多になっている昨今、人間とモノが同列として扱われるImpersonal things(事務的、非人間的、匿名的、非個性的な事象)な様を私達は毎日のように目撃しています。


  • Director:

    Koharu Kawakatsu

  • Director:

    川勝 小遥


    Born 1990. Began producing photographic works around 2016 after developing an interest in the relationships between the things and people that fill our surroundings.


    “Next Generation Bank: Jisedai Ginko wa Sekai wo Ko Kaeru”, blckswn paper vol. 1.
    “The Exhibition of Homeful—New Home, New Hope.” (main visual), Roppongi Hills.

  • Artist Profile:



    NEXT GENERATION BANK 次世代銀行は世界をこう変える (blkswn paper vol. 1)
    The Exhibition Of HOMEFUL −New Home, New Hope.−@六本木ヒルズ メインビジュアル撮影他

  • Event Info:

    Talk session:

    2019.8.3.sat 19:00-
    Speakers: Ichisei Hiramatsu x Masashi Urashiba
    Admission: 1,000 yen (incl. 1 drink)

    19:00-19:40 talk session
    19:40-20:30 bar time!

  • Event Info:


    平松市聖 x 写真家 浦芝眞史
    1000円 1drink付き

    19:00-19:40 トークショー
    19:40-20:30 ご歓談


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