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various curators

Room Number: 703 | 803

Room Type: Superior Double Double Bed x 1, Shower, No Bath

Capacity: 2

Room Size: 22sqm


A meticulously curated gallery exhibiting work that is 10 years ahead of its time, designed to be “an art retreat” for art collectors equally ahead of their time. Unlike other BnA Alter Museum permanent exhibitions, vault biannually changes gallery directors and artists. Consider vault the residence of a leading avant-garde art collector friend who gave you their keys for a couple of nights. Exhibited are extraordinary works by up and coming artists available for purchase so that you may add to your own collection.

Current Exhibition(TILL FALL 2019)

BnA Artroom Kengo Hoshi 「EDD」

Artist: Kengo Hoshi
Director: Junpei Kuroda

Kengo Hoshi is an artist who creates art and experiments around diversified images from our current generation.

His early work consisted of sublimating a new image of the characters from Japanese animation and manga through disablement and reconstruction.
After the creation of various images on this theme, he started in 2017 a new series called 「Off-Internet」.

This series' concept is the use of various objects from the internet world such as computer images, messages, and logos, pasted next to a real-life existing object embodied by a stone.

The image of a stone in its primitive shape, with images from the electric world floating around it, seems like a historic ruin sleeping in the depth of an ocean made of well organized 0 and 1's.
In our current generation, where, with the spread of the internet, information gathering has become such an easy task, little by little the same task is becoming less and less efficient. In the near future, we can imagine a decline in the internet culture, for which the web is a tool for free communication, caused by the growing restrictions more important than before.

I thought about the possibility of such a future coming ahead.
That's why I decided to collect relics of the past which were asleep at the bottom of the ocean.

Planning:Junpei Kuroda

「10年先の未来を生きるアートコレクターの隠れ家」をコンセプトに、未来のアートファンのために設計された宿泊型の企画展ギャラリー。他のART ROOMとは異なり、6ヶ月毎にディレクターやアーティスト、テーマや作品が入れ替わる。未来のコレクターのワークスペース兼仮宿である”vault703,803”には、その時代に活躍するアーティスト達の作品が所蔵され、飾ったり保管してあったり、無造作に置かれていたり。宿泊ゲストは幸運にも部屋のKEYを借りて訪れた彼の友人である。作品は一部購入可能になっており、その販売方法やアートの価値付け、アーティストへの価値還元においても実験的な試みが用意されている。

Current Exhibition(TILL FALL 2019)

BnA Artroom  星 拳五/Kengo Hoshi 「EDD」

Artist:星 拳五/Kengo Hoshi
director:黒田純平/Junpei Kuroda


企画:黒田純平/Junpei Kuroda

Artist: various curators

Artist: various curators

Art Director: BnA & sumar works

Art Director: BnA

  • Interior Designer: sumar works | Mio Kawai

  • Interior Designer: sumar works | 河合美緒

  • Collaborator: sumar works

  • Collaborator: sumar works

Room Amenities

Free Wifi
Tablet w/ Netflix
Electric Kettle
Coffee and Tea

Free Wifi
タブレット(無料 Netflix)

Bathroom Amenities

Skin Care
Dental Kit
Shaving Kit
Hair Dryer